Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Officer saves adult male playing basketball at Camden HS

On January 26, 2015, at approximately 7:30 PM, a 48 year-old male was playing basketball at the Camden High School gymnasium located at 55 Oswego Street in the Town of Camden. During the basketball game, the male collapsed to the floor unconscious and stopped breathing.

Investigator Miles J. Robertson, who was playing in the same game, noticed the victim laying on the gym floor and immediately began CPR and rescue breaths.  The high school football coach, Mr. Aaron Fiorini, noticed the commotion in the gym and immediately ran to assist Investigator Robertson and brought the school’s AED over to the victim. The AED was attached at which time a shock was advised and administered, and again followed by continued CPR.  After several minutes, the victim began to breathe on his own and was able to talk as EMS personnel from Camden Ambulance arrived at the scene.

The victim stated that he did not realize what had occurred and had no recollection of the event and was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica, NY.

Patrons at the gym along with EMS personnel all confirm that Mr. Fiorini and Investigator Robertson’s actions, along with calm execution of their knowledge and training for such events, saved the young man’s life.

Investigator Robertson is a 13 year veteran of the State Police and is assigned to SP Marcy in Troop D.  In 2013, Inv. Robertson was the recipient of the Troop D - Outstanding Trooper of the Year Award.

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