Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bayport Woman's Life Saved By Emergency Rescue Response

A Bayport woman went into cardiac arrest Wednesday evening while attending an event at the Bayport-Blue Point High School.
The following is a detailed description of the incident and emergency response actions that saved the woman's life from the Community Ambulance Company:
On Wednesday, just after 8 p.m., the Community Ambulance Company was dispatched to a reported “unknown problem” at the Bayport Blue Point High School.
A Community Ambulance unit was already in the town of Bayport, only blocks away from the school, and they immediately began responding to the scene along with an advanced life support provider.
En route to the alarm, the crew was advised by their dispatcher that the patient was in cardiac arrest, and that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was being preformed.

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Upon arrival, the crew found an adult female in cardiac arrest. Staff of the Bayport Blue Point High School, along with Suffolk County Police Officer Vanessa Logan, had initiated CPR and applied an automated external defibrillator (AED).
A total of three shocks had been delivered to the patient prior to EMS arrival. The Bayport Fire Department was also activated for the alarm and they responded to assist the ambulance crew.
When the ambulance crew arrived at the patient’s side they attached a cardiac monitor and determined the patient was in a shock-able rhythm called ventricular fibrillation, which occurs when the heart is no longer beating, but quivering, and unable to effectively pump blood.
The crew cleared the patient and administered one additional shock, after which a palpable pulse was felt and spontaneous respirations began. The patient was quickly prepared for transport. Her breathing continued to be assisted by members of the crew while advanced life support interventions were performed. These included establishing an intravenous (IV) line and cardiac medications.
The patient continued to improve while en route to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. Upon arrival at the emergency department the patient had a very strong pulse as well as an audible blood pressure. She continued to become more responsive in the hospital, (so much so that she was unable to tolerate any sort of advanced airway adjunct).
After being stabilized, she was transferred to Stony Brook University Hospital with an extremely positive prognosis. As of Thursday, June 7, the patient was awake, alert, and able to talk to her family. She is expected to make a full recovery.
This patient has a second chance at life thanks to the quick actions of the staff at Bayport Blue Point High School, bystanders, the Suffolk County Police Department, and the Community Ambulance crew.
This situation once again illustrates the importance of CPR training and defibrillator access, two links in the American Heart Association’s “Chain of Survival.” Fortunately for this patient, she was in a facility with several AEDs and personnel well trained in the operation of the equipment.
The patient’s outcome may have been drastically different if staff and bystanders did not jump into action with CPR and defibrillation.  For a patient in cardiac arrest, every minute that passes without CPR or defibrillation, the chances of survival greatly diminish.  The early CPR and defibrillation, coupled with the advanced care provided by the EMS crew of Community Ambulance, have given this patient the opportunity to live on. All those involved should be commended for a job well done.
The crew consisted of Thomas Young-EMT-CC, James MacDonell-EMT, Eric Dulmovits-EMT, Paul Mastronardi-EMT, Holden Schoenig-EMT, Charlie Zigrosser-Driver, Trevor Golub-Youth Squad Member, and Barry Lipsky, Bayport Fire Department EMT. Additional emergency personnel on scene included Police Officer Vanessa Logan and members of the Bayport Fire Department.
Saving another persons life can be an unexpected and rewarding experience. Community Ambulance Company offers FREE CPR and AED training upon request.
The Community Ambulance Company of Sayville has been providing emergency medical services to the residents of Bayport, Bohemia, Oakdale, Sayville and West Sayville for the past 61 years. Made up of primarily volunteers, Community Ambulance Company answered over 4,100 calls for assistance in 2011.
If you are interested in joining and want to help your community, please contact us at (631) 567- 2586. No medical experience is necessary and all training is provided at no cost. You can also find more information and apply for membership by visiting our website at
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