Thursday, December 4, 2003

Jacobowitz helps revive man at Whitestown meeting

Thu, Dec 4, 2003

WHITESTOWN -- A Whitestown resident collapsed during the regular meeting of the town board Wednesday night, and the leader in the unresolved race for town supervisor was part of a team who revived him.

Ted Radley had a heart attack seconds after questioning the board about a neighbor's continuing codes violations, Town Clerk Joanne Zegarelli said.

David Jacobowitz, who ran against incumbent Matthew Shannon for town supervisor in November, was sitting next to Radley when it happened about 7:45 p.m. Jacobowitz recently retired as chief of the Whitesboro Fire Department.

Radley, who supported Jacobowitz in the election, was still being evaluated in the emergency room at St. Elizabeth Medical Center late last night, a hospital spokesman said.

"I looked at him. I saw him straighten out. His whole body got straight right in the chair and he went off the chair," Jacobowitz said.

He and Codes Officer Dave Neary rushed to Radley's side, checked for a pulse and began to administer CPR for about five minutes.

Someone rushed to the ice rink at the Whitestown Community Center to get a defibrillator from Notre Dame High School hockey team who was playing a match against Clinton High School.

Man remains hospitalized after collapse

The man who collapsed at a Whitestown Town Board meeting Wednesday night underwent surgery Thursday afternoon, a St. Elizabeth Medical Center spokeswoman said.

Whitestown resident Ted Radley had just finished questioning the Town Board and town codes officer about his neighbor's codes violations when he sat down, stiffened and collapsed.

Radley was assisted by Codes Officer Dave Neary and David Jacobowitz, who leads in the unresolved race for town supervisor. Neary and Jacobowitz administered CPR and used a defibrillator to revive him. They were assisted by several others who attended the meeting.

Radley was taken to St. Elizabeth's Wednesday night.

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